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Confidentiality Agreement

The purchaser/mentee/viewer agrees not to share, make public or teach for free or for profit any of the paid or free information given by gras 'roots urban, including but not limited to;  techniques and tips, supplies and suppliers, tools and machinery, business practices, business tools or colour recipes, at any time.  If a plan is cancelled or a video removed the confidentiality agreement still stands.  The purchaser/mentee/viewer agrees not to replicate or produce a similar style to any of the designs produced by gras 'roots urban.  gras 'roots urban reserves the right to not make public any information/techniques and designs if desired.  gras 'roots urban reserves the right to terminate any mentorship or block any purchaser/viewer that does not comply with the above stated at any time.  By watching/reading/listening to any of the content produced by gras' roots urban the purchaser/mentee/viewer agrees to the above as a legally binding contract.

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